Chris Wright, PISE Physical Literacy Coordinator

Are you trying to find different ways to get your kids active and encourage development? Here are a few ideas for your everyday routine that can encourage kids to develop a love for physical activity for a lifetime.


  1. Encourage your children to move in different ways by letting them have free playtime. This ensures they get to explore at their own leisure and use their imaginations to move their bodies.
  2. Involve your kids in a scavenger hunt! Have them hop, skip, jump, run, balance and crab-walk in a variety of different settings, over, under and around obstacles.
  3. Take that extra five minutes to let your kids explore. Life is busy and full of rushing from one event to another, but it’s important to get your children moving at their own pace and explore ways to move.
  4. Let your kids walk versus picking them up or putting them in the stroller. Again, taking the time to allow them to develop their own movement skills will build confidence and encourage them to move more often.
  5. Limit screen time from TVs, laptops, iPads and smartphones to a maximum of two hours daily from the age of five and up. For kids under five, less is best, with infants having no screen time at all. Screen time is associated with prolonged periods of sedentary behavior.


  1. Putting laundry away doesn’t have to be a chore! Engage your children in a game of sock basketball; roll up the socks and have your children throw them into the laundry basket.
  2. Buy toys that promote being active – toys that tell you to dance, or balls that can be used for many games. Even for toddlers.
  3. Take your child’s favourite character from a movie, book or video game and create a themed walk!
  4. Create your own games that you participate in too. Kids are more likely to play and join in if their parents are active and passionate about physical activity.
  5. Let your children pick an activity they want to do with you and their family. By putting them in charge, they are more likely to find something they’re interested in.