SPORT: Field Hockey
SCHOOL: Oak Bay Secondary School 

“After putting in so much time and effort into field hockey, I plan on playing field hockey at the varsity level during my post-secondary education and for the Women’s Senior National Team. After participating in the Canadian Sport School, my performance in field hockey has improved. This is because of PISE’s training facility and support. The Liz Ashton Scholarship will allow me to utilize the high-performance facilities at PISE. The scholarship will allow me to work out more often without worrying about the membership or tuition costs at PISE. Thank you for this award.”


SPORT: Diving
SCHOOL: Mount Douglas Secondary School

Mackenzie has been a member of Boardworks, Victoria’s springboard and platform diving club, for the past 7 years. His dedication and strong work ethic have demonstrated that hard work pays off. He placed 1st in Boys B 1 and 3 metre in the 2021 BC Winter Provincials. Congratulations Mackenzie!

“Strength training will help me to improve my fundamentals such as form, explosiveness, arm strength for entries, and leg strength for jumps and pushing off the board. I want to make the podium at the Canadian National Diving Championships and qualify for the Canada Games. The grant will help cover the cost of high-performance strength training at PISE and will help elevate my success. Thank you for this great opportunity at PISE.”


SPORT: Soccer
SCHOOL: Claremont Secondary School

“Throughout my journey, I’ve discovered the meaning of commitment and hard work on and off the field and what it takes to become a leader. When I have inspired others to grow and learn alongside me, I know I am on the right path to becoming my best self. Sports have been a part of my life since I can remember. I grew up watching the Canadian Women’s Soccer National Team. They have been impactful mentors in my life. When I was little, I had a vision board that looked like a soccer ball; I wanted to play for team Canada and since then have committed to working hard. This relates to Liz Ashton’s quote that I read on the PISE building, ‘If you believe it can happen, it will. Turn your passion into opportunities’.

Ever since I got accepted into the Canadian Sport School at PISE, I have fallen in love with the gym. One of my goals is to become stronger mentally and physically and play soccer at a university level. Therefore, this grant will assist me in some of the stepping stones it takes to reach my dreams. Thank you, Dr. Ashton, for this award.”