all kids deserve to play.

PISE is a nationally recognized leader in providing inclusive, developmentally appropriate programs for children. We are proud to now work with approximately 10,000 children each year throughout the south island region, bringing them heart pumping, bone building, sweaty and fun physical literacy enriched sessions at schools, recreation and community centres and at PISE. Our goal is for every child to LOVE being active so that they develop into happy, healthy and active adults.

Critical to this goal is working to ensure all children have opportunity to participate, including those in need. We do this by working in schools, providing free programming in the community and offering our PLAY Your Way Subsidy for our summer camps and other programs.

“Of note, children from more disadvantaged or at risk backgrounds do not have the same opportunities for physical activity and often live in environments that contribute to poor health. The programming by the Pacific Institute for Sport Education [PISE], essentially a targeted universality approach, has the opportunity to address these inequity issues both from a socio-economic and physical disadvantage perspective.”  ~ Dr. Richard S. Stanwick, Chief Medical Health Officer, Island Health

Play with purpose. Fostering physical literacy through intentional games and activities.

Give the Gift of PLAY.

How You Can Help

  • Checkmark $50 supports one child to attend a weekly program.
  • Checkmark $200 will help purchase equipment used in ALL kids programs.
  • Checkmark $250 enables a child to attend summer camps for one week.
  • Checkmark $500 provides professional development to educators that includes games, activities and resources.
  • Checkmark $1500 supports afterschool programming for up to 20 children.
  • Checkmark $5,000 creates the opportunity for all educators to learn how to include children who experience a disability in their PE class.

Prior to finding this program,

we had exhausted our search for a class that would accommodate both our oldest daughter’s developmental challenges and support her safely. By including siblings in the program, we can participate as a family. Our girls have grown more comfortable and confident around movement and have discovered newly acquired skills.

- Lisa