Physical activity for all

PISE is dedicated to providing a welcoming, positive, accessible and inclusive environment for our clients. We strive to create an environment where all individuals feel safe, supported and comfortable to participate in all forms of physical activity. We also acknowledge that we have a lot to learn, and will continually build our knowledge, policies and practices through collaboration with community members and organizations.  We hope to always grow in the direction of supporting, celebrating and helping each other while creating a sense of belonging for all members of our diverse community.

Kids Programs

Our kids and youth programs aim to be inclusive to all individuals. As our programs aim to foster the development of physical literacy, we recognise that each individual undertakes a unique journey in being active for life. This journey may be for a child experiencing a disability, a young female facing financial barriers to participation in activities or a family of new Canadians looking to find their place in our community. As part of our dedication to removing barriers and creating a sense of belonging, we are able to offer support services for participants needing 1:1 support for our summer camps, as well as our Play Your Way Grant for those experiencing financial constraints for programs all year round.

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Sensory Friendly Times

Accessible/Sensory friendly times in our Fitness Centre feature a reduction to the elements that can often prevent people from experiencing a workout space. During this time, music and lights are lowered, exercises that can cause loud noise are prohibited and other strategies are in place to prevent sensory overstimulation.

The Accessible/Sensory friendly time takes place on Saturdays from 11:00am-12:15pm.  Any individual with a PISE membership may attend this program as a drop in or through registration.

This is currently on hold.


Since day one, PISE has always looked for ways to improve the meaningful access to our facility for all individuals. To this day, we continue to find ways to improve, modify and expand our facility and services to ensure our clients are able to easily navigate the spaces inside and outside our building. Examples of these improvements are the repaving of the Front Training Zone into a smooth, high contrast space, the installation of hip-to-floor door openers throughout the facility and renovation of the gymnasium to provide more accessible seating options.

In addition to the facility itself, we offer adult fitness programs for individuals who may require support in their workouts in the form of staff assistance or modified equipment. These programs include Adapted Strength & Conditioning and Accessible Fitness. Both these programs take place in our Fitness Centre and feature knowledgeable staff able to assist clients with their needs, equipment such as grip-aids for those that may need it, and a reduction in sensory stimulus within the environment.

PISE also supports the Leisure Assistant Pass. This is a pass for people with disabilities of all ages who require the assistance of a support person when engaging in leisure activities. Upon presentation of the pass at a participating venue, one support person will be provided free or reduced admission, facilitating participation while ensuring the person with a disability does not pay double for their admission.



PISE strives to be an environment where all individuals can feel comfortable to freely express who they are. Through the engagement of staff, community members and local organizations, we are changing our practices and policies to be more inclusive to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. One example of this is our Q&A (Queer and Allies) program. This program is an introductory session based on bringing together the 2SLGBTQIA+ community within health & fitness and consists of a tour of our facility, a discussion around body and gender dysmorphia and discomfort in gym spaces, as well as health benefits of physical activity.


Program is currently on hold.


Gender Identity Safe Facility:

PISE strives to be an environment where all individuals can feel comfortable to freely express who they are.

PISE welcomes and celebrates diversity. We encourage visitors and clients of our facility to use the restroom or changeroom where they feel most safe. All patrons are expected to respect the privacy and identity of others. Patrons with concerns for their own modesty or privacy are encouraged to use the universal washrooms, located across from the Fitness Centre on level one.

Gender expression and identity is a protected characteristic under BC’s Human Rights Code. PISE protects gender expression and identity, and supports diversity, equity and inclusion in accessing our facility.


Organisational Capacity

As an organisation, we are always learning, growing and looking for new opportunities for educating ourselves on inclusive topics. If you notice something at our facility or in our programs that may need to be updated, please let us know.


  • PISE staff had the opportunity to attend a Truth and Reconciliation Webinar with BC Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Alex Nelson.
  • Alex Nelson is known as the Elder of Indigenous Sport in BC spoke about his experiences in the Residential School system, the importance of sport in his life and how we can address the Truth and Reconciliation Commissions’ Calls to Action.

2022 Sport for Life Summit

  • PISE Leadership staff were given the opportunity to attend the 2022 Sport for Life Summit in Victoria. The 2022 Summit offered delegates the opportunity to hear from influential and inspiring keynote speakers, as well as from a range of community members and leaders who presented on community-specific topics and issues. A portion of each day’s program was dedicated to facilitated discussion where  delegates addressed key issues pertaining to the inclusion within a local context.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Cultural Safety Committee

  • PISE has an Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Accessibility and Cultural Safety Committee that all staff are welcome to join. The committee focuses on understanding ways PISE can offer a more inclusive and welcoming space for our staff, members, students and clients.

PISE is proud to work with the following organisations in our journey to inclusion