Zach Fletcher

Student: Stelly’s Secondary School

Sport: Baseball

Goal: Through sport, I am endeavouring to advance into a postsecondary education opportunity by obtaining a scholarship. I would like to continue to improve into the best player I can by honing and developing my skills and knowledge of baseball. Specifically, I am striving to throw the ball as a pitcher at 85 miles per hour and become a consistent .350 hitter.  I want to maintain a balance of my current A\B average in school with involvement in competitive teams and training at PISE.

“This scholarship will assist in my participation in the high performance baseball PISE program this fall. During this, my second year with this program, I remain focused on maintaining both a high athletic standard while achieving the highest grades I can in my bilingual courses at Stelly’s Secondary School. I hope I can set an example for my peers and younger athletes in the importance of balancing athletic and academic excellence. Thank you Island Savings for this wonderful opportunity!”

Rory Rothnie

Student: Cedar Hill Middle School

Sport: Soccer and Lacrosse

Goal:  To be selected for the White Caps/BC Soccer- Girls Elite Super Rex Program.  This program is a stepping stone to reaching my ultimate goal of Team Canada and attending the Olympics.  Soccer and Lacrosse are my passion and I want to accomplish a university scholarship to play my sports and study for my future career.

“I am very grateful to be the successful candidate for the $1000 training bursary.  I am looking forward to working with the professional trainers at PISE. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Island Savings and PISE!”