Madeline Mittelsteadt

Sport: Field Hockey

School: Claremont Secondary School

As the recipient of the Island Savings Scholarship for training at PISE, I wanted to thank you for awarding me this Scholarship. I am very excited to have been selected for this unique award.

Since this year has been overshadowed by the global pandemic, competitive play is currently on hold.  Thus, I’ve taken this time to focus on my overall fitness level. This Scholarship will provide me access to high performance level training which I may not otherwise be able to afford. By taking full advantage of this opportunity, I hope to raise my skills and fitness level to become an integral member of the Vikes Women’s Field Hockey team and be on the road to the Olympics with Field Hockey Canada.

Once again, thank you for selecting me as the Island Savings Scholarship recipient – I appreciate this generous Scholarship award!

Jacob Rambo

Sport: Swimming

School: Claremont Secondary School

“Thank you so much PISE, for choosing me as one of the recipients for the 2020 Island Savings Youth Scholarship. This scholarship will provide me the financial aid necessary to afford the high quality resources necessary to become the best swimmer I can be. I am very excited to start training with you guys, and to take my swimming career to the next level!”