Madeleine Anctil

Sport: Climbing

School: Glenlyon Norfolk School

“I am very grateful for the opportunity you have given me. I plan on putting the scholarship towards personal training which will allow me to get stronger and enrich my training routine.

I have always found that when I feel physically strong I feel far more confident in myself as a climber. I believe that training at PISE will greatly improve my confidence and abilities.

Someday I hope to compete for Team Canada at the Olympic Games. My current goal is to make the Youth National Team. I’ve just recently noticed that some of your words are on the outer walls of the PISE building. “If you believe it can happen, it will. Turn your passion into opportunities.” I intend to live by those words.” ~ Madeleine Anctil

Maya Gibson

Sport: Soccer

School: St. Margaret’s School

“I wanted to thank you for your generosity and willingness to support local athletes.

I currently play high-performance soccer for Vancouver Island Wave in the BC Soccer Premier League as a midfielder/defender. I was selected for the BC Soccer provincial program for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020.

Setting goals is a crucial aspect of any athlete’s life as they help keep them motivated in the never-ending search for success and hungry to keep pushing to achieve bigger targets. Some of my greatest aspirations are to excel on my university soccer team, increase my speed, become more confident in my playing abilities, and raise my intensity. PISE is such a remarkable facility that allows any athlete to receive specified training and coaching to help them achieve their personal goals. Using this scholarship, I will be able to work towards my own sports goals and receive the training required to meet them.” ~ Maya Gibson

Rebecca Kim

Sport: Golf

School: Glenlyon Norfolk School

“I am honored to be chosen to receive the Dr. Liz Ashton Training Scholarship. I am currently in Grade 10 at Glenlyon Norfolk School and started playing golf competitively at age 12.

Last summer, I finished T-8 at the BC Women’s Amateur Championship and realized that the top level competitors hit the ball significantly further than me. That awareness led me to start working with Elysia Atkinson at PISE in September with a fitness related golf goal of gaining 10% in club head speed. In a short 4 months, we saw a 6.6% increase in my club head speed. By learning how to work out with proper technique and in a way that is most effective in order to hit the ball further, it will directly contribute to elevate my golf game and become a stronger athlete on and off the golf course.

This scholarship would assist me in achieving my high performance goals by allowing me to continue my personal training sessions with Elysia at PISE. Thank you very much for your generous support and investment in my future.” ~Rebecca Kim