Clara Chudley

Sport: Soccer and Track
School: Colquitz

I am grateful for the Dr. Liz Ashton Training Scholarship which will help me grow as an athlete.  In addition to track/running, I am a high-performance soccer player and train at PISE and Pacific FC three times a week with the Wave soccer program (BC’s premier soccer league). These conditioning sessions will teach me the things I can do to prevent injury, feel stronger, achieve my goals and learn how the stresses of training can affect my body. By understanding how to better condition my body, I will have better knowledge about how to be an athlete for longer.

Thank you again so much for this scholarship!. Sports are so important to me and I hope they will continue to mean a lot to me in the future. I would also like to thank my coaches Gary Barber, Christine Crljenkovic, and my soccer coaches, because I know without them I would not be in this position as an athlete.