A statement from PISE CEO, Robert Bettauer

In times of great challenge comes opportunity for great change.   We are experiencing an unprecedented time in our collective history that is both unsettling because of the unknown and danger, but also exciting in the potential for positive social change that is sprouting.

COVID 19 has forced us to reassess many personal and professional routines and assumptions.  No doubt, many of the health safety guidelines that we have put in place will remain once COVID is controlled.  Plexiglas and greater spacing protecting staff and clients will remain to provide an ongoing healthier environment.  Personal hygiene, with hand washing and reduction of touch points, will reduce the impact of regular cold and flu seasons. The successful demonstration of using various electronic platforms (who knew about zoom?!) will allow for greater flexibility for work from home, telemedicine and distance learning, providing a positive impact in people’s lives and a benefit to our environment.

The social upheavals we are witnessing have been brewing for a long time. The world having to pause due to the pandemic provided a catalyst for powerful demonstrations demanding greater justice, particularly in light of some very graphic and disturbing examples of gross injustice.  This is leading to a deeper, more thoughtful discussion in our country about what fairness and equality truly mean and how we eliminate all forms of racism.

As an athlete and coach, I have travelled far and wide through the world and I am also an immigrant to Canada.  Through all my experiences and observations, I am truly grateful to live in a country that genuinely works towards providing a fair, tolerant and free society.  We are not perfect and I believe the conversations and deeper awareness we are now experiencing will move us to a new level of understanding, respect and justice.

At PISE, we have been honoured to work towards reconciliation, collaborating and learning from our friends in the Indigenous communities. PISE will continue to work to be part of the solution acting on the values of collaboration, respect and inclusion in all that we do.   We will continue to listen and learn as we work to collectively evolve into a stronger society.   This year has changed us all and I believe our resilience and active response will result in a better world.