Welcome to our virtual physical activity resource hub. Below you will find a number of resources, links and activities that you and your family can do using phones, smart TV’s and other interactive devices. While we are at home you can still be active!

These resources come in the form of Instagram accounts, YouTube channels and dedicated websites from our partners and friends throughout the world, as well as people we don’t know but share the same passion for physical activity and staying healthy that we do.

If you have not checked out our own resources yet, click on these links and see the content that we have developed:

Kids resources and activities

Adult workouts and fitness tips


If you are looking for some great kids content to keep them active while indoors, here are some accounts to look for.

Kenzen Sports Karate

Follow @kenzensportskarate on Instagram or subscribe to Kenzen Sports Karate on YouTube to take advantage of the free, web based karate sessions that they facilitate. Richard Sensei has been teaching kids at PISE summer camps for years and is a firm favourite.

YMCA at Home

The YMCA has launched an online platform for fitness, wellness, family activities and ideas to keep the kids active. The YMCA at Home platform is being updated with new content all the time and uses YMCA staff from across the country to facilitate activities through videos. Below is an example of their YGym video, a virtual physical education class, focusing on jumping, hopping and balancing skills for ages 5-9.

BOKS Canada

BOKS is a free physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. BOKS provides resources to teachers and schools, and now has parent based resources such as physical activity calendars and movement burst ideas. Sign up for their newsletter to have these delivered to you when new content is made.



GoNoodle is utilised in many schools around North America to get kids active.  A free resource that includes apps for phones, tablets and smart TV’s, it is easily accessible and has some varied content. GoNoodle has educational songs, popular dances performed by kids that are great to follow along to, workouts, yoga and much more. Adults beware, kids love this but it will drive you around the bend!

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Cosmic Kids Yoga is a YouTube channel that uses a variety of stories, workouts and traditional yoga practices to get kids moving and have fun. Using popular movies and other cultural elements that are sure to hook kids in, the moves are simple and accessible for all ages and abilities. The channel includes content aimed at younger and older children, but the majority of content is for younger ones. Here is an example of a yoga routine based on Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone:


Most of the online content available is targeted at kids, but there are some great resources available for older children and youth. If you are going to participate in a workout, please be aware of your current fitness level and ability and try not to do things outside of your comfort level. Injuries can and do occur, so be safe!

Move to Learn

If your teenager (or you!) is looking for new moves for your TikTok dances, check out this YouTube channel. Move to Learn has videos for all ages, with moves and music changing for the age range.

HyVee KidsFit

Yes, it says kids in the title, but the HyVee channel has some great videos on basic exercises that can be incorporated in to at home workouts such as push-ups, squats and everyone’s favourite, burpees! Please note, these are not PISE coaches and we would recommend getting in touch with us if you are looking for a tailored workout for yourself or family, or have any previous injuries that may need to be taken in to account. Alternatively, check out the tips that our S&C team have posted.

Canucks Autism Network

The Canucks Autism Network does not have a YouTube channel with activities like the others on this page, but does have online fitness meet-ups for youth ages 13-17 and 18+. Sign up here



If you are looking for ideas to do as a family, all the videos above are applicable. However, there are other resources available that can give you more ideas.

Flaghouse Activity Channel

The Flaghouse Activity Channel was created to show all the games and activities that can be played using the equipment available for purchase on the Flaghouse website. However, with some creativity and searching around your home, most games can be done with things you already have. For example, the game below can be done using sidewalk chalk, tape, towels or even pillows!