The PISE team, is always on the go, racing to multiple schools for our Kids on Wheels program, driving to community events, and taking our equipment with us to give our community the best PISE experience without being at our facility. Modo makes it easy to grab a car anytime to hit all our outings without skipping a beat. Modo has made it efficient to access a vehicle that will provide us with a solution for all our transportation needs. Accessibility and inclusivity are essential values to PISE, so the diversity and flexibility of various vehicles that modo offers gives us the capability to choose a car that will work best for all our needs. With the different programs and school events we offer, it is crucial to bring everything we need so that children can feel included and, most importantly, have lots of fun. Having the options of various size cars at Modo, we know we won’t be limited or worry about the amount of space for all the bikes, equipment, and PISE staff. Having one vehicle may limited your options, but you don’t have to decide when you use Modo.

Modo customers get 15% off PISE Fitness Centre memberships, flex passes, and drop-in*.