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All other Public testing is on hold until further notice. With the new BC  Public Health Orders in place we have decided to suspended all Public testing. Please check this page for updates and/or if you would like to be added to the email list in order to be notified when testing has resumed please contact hmurray@csipacific.ca

Get the same caliber of testing previously reserved for Canada’s national programs! Offered through our partners at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific, our tests and assessments track changes in your body over time, which we can leverage to personalize programs to your body and abilities.


Body Composition
Height, weight, skin fold and girth measurements to determine body mass index (BMI), and % body fat. Track body composition over time to determine if weight gain/loss is fat or muscle.
Initial Session – $50
Follow Up Session – $40

Comprehensive Metabolic Rate Combination Test – $225
Identify how many calories your body burns at rest and during exercise. Important for weight loss!

General Fitness Analysis – $150
An in depth assessment featuring a variety of tests to assess body composition, aerobic fitness, and musculoskeletal fitness!

EVH Testing (Eucapnic voluntary hyperpnoea)Currently unavailable 
This is a provocative indirect stimulus test used to diagnose exercise-induced asthma or exercise-induced bronchospasm.
*Doctor referral and letter of approval required


VO2 Max
Accurately measure your aerobic capacity to maximize your training. Important for aerobic-based athletes!
Initial Session – $200
Follow Up Session – $175 (if retest is within 12 months)

Lactate Testing
Determine at which intensity lactate accumulates in your muscles. Essential for athletes in aerobic sports.
Initial Session – $175
Follow Up Session – $150 (if retest is within 12 months)

VO2 Max & Lactate Combination Test
Combined VO2 Max and Lactate Threshold tests. Individualized report includes heart rate and workloads for five training zones. Great value! Available separately.
Initial Session – $225
Follow Up Session – $200 (if retest is within 12 months)

Sweat Sodium Analysis – $125
Sweat Sodium Analysis determines your sweat rate as well as the sodium content of that sweat. Knowing your sweat rate allows you to tailor your hydration strategy to meet your individual needs. This knowledge will help optimize training quality, recovery and performance as well as help you avoid hyponatremia and cramping.

Official POPAT

Official POPAT dates are listed below. Please note participants MUST bring the  waivers below completed and signed in order to take the test.

POPAT Waivers

Official Popat


The Police Officer Physical Abilities Test (POPAT) is designed to ensure that all reserve and police officer candidates have the physical conditioning needed to fulfill the strenuous duties of an officer. The POPAT is a four component test, consisting of an agility run, a push-pull station, a vault and weight carry. The POPAT is a high intensity physical test, and is designed to push participants to the limits of their individual athleticism.

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The next date for the next Official POPAT will be in the November 28, 2021 , please register below .

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Nov 28
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