Aleda Toronitz

Student: Stelly’s Secondary School

Sport: Enduro/downhill mountain biking

Goal: To pursue mountain biking as a career and compete in all the world cups stops and events around the world.

Aleda is self-coached and will benefit from strength and conditioning services from PISE to help her meet her goals.

“I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity for one on one coaching at PISE, something I have never had being self-taught in mountain biking. I am super stoked to see how my cross training will help me recover from past injuries and prepare me for my upcoming race season.”

Aidan Doyle

Student: Cowichan Secondary

Sport: Sport Climbing

Goals: To excel and be able to compete with the best in the world. I hope to have an opportunity to compete for Canada at the Olympics.

“Not all of my goals involve my performance or achievement but rather being inspiration for the next generation of climbers. I believe that this is a crucial aspect of being a high level athlete.”



Photo credit Shane Murdoch