Policies, Rules & Etiquette

Behaviour & Dress

At PISE we strive to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment. We have a zero-tolerance approach to abusive and aggressive behaviour and ask that you conduct yourself in a friendly, respectful manner towards other clients, staff and respect the facility.

In the spirit of creating this safe and welcoming environment, we ask you to respect the following:

  • Allow other members to use equipment between sets.
  • Place weights/ dumbbells lightly on the floor after each use.
  • Respect facility hours.
  • Wipe down equipment after each use.
  • A 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment and Olympic Platforms must be observed when someone is waiting.
  • We ask you avoid scented products.
  • Workout bags are not allowed in the workout areas. Day use lockers and cubicles are available.
  • For health and safety, wear appropriate exercise clothing in the fitness centre that is respectable in nature as well as proper indoor athletic footwear. Shirts and shorts that cover; avoid cut off/mesh or revealing tank tops, jeans, street clothing. Further guidance can be requested from the welcome desk. Staff may request that you change if these guidelines are not being followed.
  • Outdoor footwear is removed before entering the fitness centre or gymnasium, especially in winter months.
  • Food or drink (except water in a closed container) should not be taken into any of the fitness, gym or field areas.

Gymnasium, Track & Training Zone

  • Clients are asked to scan at the desk to use the Gymnasium or outside Track & Training Zone(TNT).
  • Clean rubber soles and cleats (not metal) are allowed on the Turf Field.
  • Use of tape on the gym floor is prohibited.
  • Please clean up water spills in the gym immediately with a soft towel.
  • On the TNT, Sleds and other push/pulling devices may be used on the BLACK SURFACE ONLY. They will damage the blue surface.
  • Selected equipment may be enjoyed outside. Please see the Welcome desk for a list of items allowed.
  • Music can be played outside, but please ensure that the volume is at a respectable level and the music selection is not offensive (i.e. swearing, racial slurs, degrading language).
  • Spectators and pets must remain outside the fenced area of the field and off the track.
Memberships / Membership Card
  • A membership card will be issued to each member and is exclusive to that individual and non-transferable/non-refundable.
  • All PISE programs, camps and services are subject to a 10% non-refundable administrative fee.
  • Each member must have their card swiped for security and photo verification before entry to the fitness centre or gymnasium. This prevents someone else from using your card and ensures we are aware of who is in the facility in case of an emergency.
  • If you lose your card, please see the Welcome Desk. There is a replacement fee of $10 for a new card.
  • Memberships can only be put on hold only with a medical note. Please contact srudderham@pise.ca  for more information.

We may terminate your Membership and refuse you entry into the facility if you commit a serious or repeated breach of the behaviour policies and rules or if you engage in any other serious misconduct.

Programs & Training Services
  • Personal Training clients are required to sign in at the Welcome Desk
  • All PISE programs, camps and services are subject to a 10% non-refundable administrative fee on withdrawals for refund.
  • Program clients attending programs in the fitness centre must check in with the Welcome desk to let them know they are here for a program. This helps us regulate entry to the fitness centre and ensure safety.
  • Drop-ins for the fitness centre or programs need to pay at the Welcome desk before entering any of the fitness areas.
  • All PISE programs, camps and services are subject to a 10% non-refundable administrative fee. 
  • PISE programs will not be pro–rated.
  • PISE Adult Programs require 7 days’ notice of withdrawal before the 1st session in order to receive a full refund or credit.
  • PISE will be pleased to issue a refund for remaining classes before the 2nd class if a program is not the right fit for you. We are always happy to help you find the right program for your needs.
  • PISE reserves the right to cancel any program. If a cancellation occurs, PISE will give as much notice as possible. Patrons will receive a full refund within 30 days.
  • Refunds or credits requested for medical or compassionate reasons must be submitted with a medical note or detailed explanation and will be issued for classes remaining.
  • PISE does not refund /or credit for Personal Training or Athletic and Exercise Therapy services except in the case of medical reasons, a medical note is required to process this request.
Kids and Youth Programs & Camps
  • PISE programs, camps and services will not be pro–rated.
  • All PISE programs, camps and services are subject to a 10% non-refundable administrative fee on withdrawals for refund. 
  • PISE camps will be eligible for a 90% refund for withdrawals requested within 14 days of the date of registration. Written notice is required when requesting refunds and withdrawals.
  • Refund requests after 14 days will be processed by assessment of extenuating circumstances, including medical or compassionate reasons. All requests must be submitted to play@pise.ca.
  • PISE camps will be eligible for a program transfer up to 14 days prior to the first day of program. Program transfers are only applicable to programs with open spaces, and cannot be guaranteed. Transfers must be made for the same individual only. Transfers can only be made into a program being offered in the same calendar year of equal or greater value. If the program is of lesser value, the difference will not be refunded. Camp transfers are not eligible for a refund 14 days after the initial registration.
  • PISE will not issue credits for Summer Camp Programs.
  • PISE reserves the right to cancel any program, camp or service. If a cancellation occurs, PISE will give as much notice as possible. In the event of PISE cancelling a program, camp or service, a full refund will be processed within 30 days
Kids and Youth Camps Payment Plan

PISE offers a payment plan option for families registering in spring and summer PISE camps. Registration using our payment plan must be completed over the phone with a PISE staff member.

Our payment plan option requires a credit card upon registration with an expiry date after the last required payment. The credit card provided will be automatically charged on a bi-weekly basis. The payment plan must be completed one week prior to the first day of camp. If payment is declined, the payee has 5 business days to provide an alternative credit card, or they will be subject to our refund policy.

If balance is unable to be paid one week prior to the first day camp, a camp transfer can be made into a later camp in the same calendar year if spaces permit.

If balance remains one week prior to the first day of camp and a transfer cannot be made, the family will be subject to our refund policy and PISE will be unable to care for the participant.

Payment Plans are only available for PISE facilitated camps. Partner camps are excluded from this option.

  • PISE Parking Lot is clearly designated by yellow signs.
  • Parking in spots reserved for the Clinic or CSI is not permitted.
  • Patients visiting the Clinic may park in Clinic spots and must sign in with their license plate number at the Clinic’s reception.
  • Parking can be purchased from the PISE machine for $2 for 2 hours. This ticket must be clearly displayed on the dash. These tickets cannot be used to park in the PISE Pass Reserved spots. You can also use the new Robbins app HONK. Our site zone is 638.
  • Camosun students are expected to park on the Camosun side of Lot 8 to allow for PISE clients and staff to park.
  • Annual general public members with a 3 hour PISE Parking Pass must abide by the 3 hour time limit. PISE Parking Passes must be hung from the visor and clearly visible.
  • Parking Passes must not be altered and are non-transferrable.
  • If your PISE Parking Pass is lost or stolen, please immediately report it to the Welcome Desk.
Security Video Surveillance

PISE has video cameras inside and outside the facility for the sole reason of protecting the safety and security of the facility, its users, and the equipment and resources housed at PISE. Cameras are located in key areas throughout the building, entrances and main facilities in the building. Locations and fields of vision have been chosen to show access points to the facility as well as areas with key equipment or function to the facility’s operation.


It is PISE’s policy to respect your privacy in a manner that adheres to the 10 principles that comprise the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and to comply with these principles at federal and provincial levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your staff trained in CPR and First Aid? Do you have AED units?
  • FIRST AID care is available from the Customers Service Staff located at the desk on the level one. All accidents & injuries MUST BE REPORTED to the Customer Service reception desk immediately.
  • We have an AED unit located at the Welcome desk.
Can I drop my weights while I work out?
  • We have a policy against dropping the weights except on the Olympic lifting platforms with bumper plates, as this damages both the weights themselves and the platforms. It is also very disruptive and can be intimidating to other members and staff working in the building. (believe it or not, it can be heard on the 3rd floor!)
  • Please also refrain from loud yelling/grunting while lifting.
Can I use the 4 Lane Track?
  • Individuals are welcome to use the track for personal use when it is available.
  • Any group/team must book the track through our rental service to use it for a training session.
  • Coaching of individuals or groups is only permitted through booking rental of the track.
  • Our partner high-performance organizations have priority use of the track Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm. Clients may use the track during this time if it is not booked.
I would like to take photos and/or videos in the Fitness Centre, what are the rules?
  • Client use of photography or recording devices (including cell phones with camera and recording capability) are NOT permitted in change rooms. When used for your own purpose in fitness areas, please be conscious other users are not filmed.
  • Professional shots/filming must be approved by PISE management and have separate policy. Please contact the Communications Manager for information about this at social@pise.ca.
  • PISE may have someone taking photo or video at times. As part of the PISE Waiver process, we ask individuals for permission to take and utilize their photograph for marketing purposes, while visiting PISE or taking part in PISE programs. If an individual does not wish to have their image captured while at PISE, they should indicate this request on their waiver form.