PISE and VIRCS Staff


In November, PISE organized a number of events for Giving Tuesday, with one event in partnership with the Victoria Immigrant and Refugee Centre Society (VIRCS) on November 19th and two events on the 28th – one with Songhees Wellness Centre and one with the South Island Distance Education School (SIDES). The events were a huge success, highlighting the importance of community engagement, gratitude, and inclusivity. PISE’s Marketing Assistant and Co-Op Student, Madison McClintick, provided insight into the planning process, which began in September with a team including PISE CEO Robert Bettauer, as well as community leaders Chris McElroy and Ava Shabestari. The meticulously curated activities at each event included a variety of games and free play sessions focused on physical literacy skills, snacks, and prizes donated by the community.

Photo of PISE leaders and children when VIRCS came to visit.


Ava Shabestari, Program Coordinator at VIRCS, shed some light on their Enable Program, which addresses the academic, social, and emotional needs of immigrant and refugee children and youth. The Giving Tuesday event had 8 families attend.

Photo of PISE leaders and Children playing a game in the gym at Songhees Wellness Centre.


Chris McElroy, Community Recreation Coordinator at Songhees Wellness Centre, reflected on the decade-long partnership with PISE, with an emphasis on the positive turnout at the Giving Tuesday event which was attended by about 25 youth and numerous families. Chris is enthusiastic that with the partnership’s growth, more collaborative events will benefit the community. The success of these events focused on community outreach, setting the stage for future collaboration and fostering a sense of inclusion, growth, and community.

The PISE team is thrilled to continue growing our Giving Tuesday events in the future, continuing to share the positive impact that Physical Literacy has for all ages! In the meantime, we invite you to explore PISE’s incredible Physical Literacy programs designed for children and youth of all ages and abilities.