Olivia Andulajevic is a grade 12 student that has been with the Canadian Sport School (CSS) for the past two years. Her primary sport is volleyball and her secondary sport is soccer. Olivia’s home school is Stelly’s Secondary School. Olivia shares why she chose to attend the Canadian Sport School; and the value she has gained throughout her two years here.

Why did you choose to attend CSS?

“I chose to attend CSS to contribute to my athletic pathway. Learning the foundational skills such as Olympic lifting, proper sprinting technique, and using muscles you don’t normally use in gymnastics classes have all helped me advance further in all aspects of sport. The program’s coaches, teachers, and seminar speakers all offer a true wealth of knowledge as well as support helping athletes like me achieve my goals as I progress as a student-athlete!”

CSS has many high performance coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience to teach the students strength and conditioning foundations so they can become the best athlete within their sport. Head coach Laura-Ellen has trained a multitude of athletes in strength and conditioning throughout her career. Including; Beach Volleyball Canada, varsity swimming, rugby, soccer, and even speed skating while she was in the Netherlands. Laura-Ellen moved to the Netherlands in 2016 and studied Thermal Psychology for her Masters in Human Movement Sciences. In 2019 Laura-Ellen joined the CSS team.

Why would you recommend this program to a high performance athlete? 

“I would recommend this program to other high performing athletes because training with other like-minded athletes is an experience that in my opinion, should never be passed up. The environment at The Canadian Sports school is truly unlike any other program I have been a part of. The connections you make with other athletes who are as driven and disciplined as you are makes for an amazing atmosphere to train in.”

How do you benefit from the program?

“I benefit in many ways from CSS, however, I think that getting high school credit to train during the school day has helped me manage my time effectively and efficiently. For many athletes including myself, finding time to fit everything into the day can be a challenge with training loads, school, supplemental training, and more. With Sports School, athletes get high school credit to train, making room for after school necessities such as practices and school work making my mental load and day feel a lot simpler!”

CSS students still attend their primary high school for academic studies. Meaning; they can still stay with their friend group, take the electives they enjoy, go to prom, and have a fulfilling high school experience without sacrificing their sport training, trying to balance it all.

CSS academic teacher, Martin Haaf, is in the classroom ready to assist students with their studies. After several years teaching a variety of subjects, Martin brings his experience in Physical Education and enthusiasm for sport and health to Canadian Sport School. Martin joined the CSS team in 2021.

What advice would you offer a new student coming to CSS?

“If I could offer any advice to a new student coming to CSS, it would be to make the most of your training here; it is a tool to help you! Set specific goals and have that open communication with your coaches and teachers about them to hold yourself accountable as a high performance athlete. Finally, enjoy the environment and take all of the opportunities you get to better yourself as a high performance athlete!”

Does this sound like a good opportunity for you? Attend Info Night on February 9th from 5-6:30 pm.